Rooftop farms sprouting in Brooklyn

Atop an industrial building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the crew at Gotham Greens can harvest the equivalent of six acres of salad greens and herbs without getting their hands dirty.

31 August 2011

A view of the East River and a farm

We’re hearing more and more about urban farming, and now there’s a farm in Manhattan that’s making the most out of a site that’s just sitting and waiting to be developed.

30 August 2011

Gotham Greens Brings Fresh Veggies to New Heights

Nestled between towering skyscrapers and the Brooklyn Bridge, rests a vegetative oasis ripe for the picking.

26 August 2011

Hyper Local Produce: This Manhattan Company Wants Supermarkets to Raise on the Roof

A Manhattan firm that specializes in hydroponic greenhouses, the company is suggesting that in the not-so-distant future your kale could come from as close as the greenhouse on top of your local supermarket.

24 August 2011

Buy Local, The Mayor Says

In New York’s latest attempt to promote the purchase of locally grown food, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg signed into law on Wednesday a bill urging city agencies to buy more often from the state’s farms and processing facilities.

24 August 2011

Battery Park Farm Serves Up Downtown's First Harvest in 400 Years

The Urban Farm at the Battery, a public farming project that broke ground this spring on a lawn in Battery Park, is now selling its produce at a farm stand twice a week. No ordinary vegetables, these are the first grown on a Lower Manhattan farm in roughly 400 years.

23 August 2011

Rooftop local produce, coming soon to a supermarket near you

Thanks to rising fuel costs and the revival of demand for locally grown foods, rooftop greenhouses may soon be cropping up at your supermarket.

22 August 2011

Queens To Be Home to Nation's Largest Rooftop Greenhouse Farm

BrightFarms, a company know for building and operating high-tech farms, is preparing to acquire a 32,000-sq-ft rooftop space on top of a building near LaGuardia College in Long Island City to plant one of its greenhouse farms and establish its new headquarters.

18 August 2011

NRDC New York Visits Urban Farms

The idea that regular city dwellers can provide food to their urban neighbors isn’t exactly new, but it’s a budding area that – if done right – can help address some of the basic problems with how our region and others get food.

13 August 2011

What's more eco-friendly than solar panel roofs? The new rooftop farms going up in Queens

BrightFarms, a Manhattan-based firm that designs, builds and operates high-tech farms, is gearing up to move its headquarters to Long Island City, company officials said Monday.

10 August 2011

Midtown Restaurants Bring In Produce Straight From The Crate

“It’s just amazing to think that in a few short months we transformed a stalled construction site into a productive, innovative urban farm in the middle of New York City,” said Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Executive Director Scarlet Shore.

09 August 2011

Grow Local and Eat Local, City Council Says

In an effort to ramp up support for the consumption and production of local food, the City Council passed a package of bills on Thursday to facilitate the building of rooftop greenhouses and free up land for urban gardens.

02 August 2011

Tour The Hi-Tech Farm That's Growing 100 Tons Of Greens On The Roof Of A Brooklyn Warehouse

Gotham Greens harvested the first of its veggies in May and they’re already selling out at upscale Manhattan grocers like Whole Foods and Mario Batali’s Eataly, co-founder Viraj Puri told us. And the company will soon start selling directly to chefs at local restaurants.

27 July 2011

Science Barge Demonstrates Urban Farming On Open Water

To demonstrate the flexibility of integrated sustainable design, some clever New Yorkers transformed an old barge into a working urban farm powered by solar, wind, and biofuels, and irrigated by rainwater and purified river water.

26 July 2011

There Are 2.7 Million Jobs in the Clean Economy

According to a new report from the Brookings Institution, there are 2.7 million jobs in the country’s clean economy. That’s more jobs than the fossil fuel industry offers.

24 July 2011

Hydroponic Greenhouse Supplies NYC Grocers

Gotham Greens, which operates a hydroponic greenhouse facility on the rooftop of an industrial building in Brooklyn, announced that it has started harvesting and delivering pesticide-free vegetables and herbs to New York food retailers, including Whole Foods Market, FreshDirect and D’Agostino’s.

22 July 2011

From Roof to Store Shelf: Supermarkets Explore Rooftop Food Sourcing

Bright Farms builds and operates the hydroponic greenhouses in exchange for a five to 10-year guaranteed purchase agreement with the supermarkets. “They give us the roof. We do everything else,” said Linsley.

From NY Bounty

19 July 2011

New York City: Put Down the Chicken, Pick up the Seitan!

Food is a tremendous component of our global ecological footprint, specifically the livestock sector. With regards to anthropogenic green house gas (GHG) emissions, livestock production generates nine percent of the carbon, 65 percent of nitrous oxide, 37 percent of methane, and 64 percent of ammonia.

18 July 2011

New York public school’s rooftop ‘eco-center’ will reshape science curriculum

The facility, which includes an 800-square-foot greenhouse classroom, solar panels, a weather station, and a planting area, will be used to help reshape the science curriculum in the K-5 facility — and (it is hoped) in other public schools across the city.

16 July 2011

Gotham Greens putting roots on the roof to better serve restaurants and retailers

“It’s a rooftop greenhouse that we built on top of an existing 15,000-square-foot building,” Mr. Puri, chief executive officer of Gotham Greens, told The Produce News. “We are producing primarily salad greens and herbs currently: baby Butterhead lettuce, basil, Red Sails red leaf lettuce, Tropicana green leaf lettuce and culinary herbs. We plan to add cilantro next.”

15 July 2011

WSJ - Can Urban Farming Make It Big In The City

Entrepreneurs are looking to urban farms and rooftop gardens as an alternative to traditional farms. While start-up costs are higher, these efforts could pay off with long-term environmental benefits and better tasting veggies. WSJ’s Monika Vosough reports.

14 July 2011

Soil-less Sky Farming: Rooftop Hydroponics on NYC Restaurant

Chef John Mooney — my tour guide — is able to grow nearly two-thirds the vegetables for his restaurant precisely because he doesn’t rely on soil.

10 July 2011

Nation's First Commercial Urban Hydroponic Greenhouse Opens

Situated on the rooftop of an industrial building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Gotham Greens’ state-of-the-art greenhouse facility has harvested and delivered the first of its 100 annual tons of premium quality, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs.

07 July 2011