High-Tech Hydroponic Farm Transforms Abandoned Bowling Alley

NEW YORK CITY — On top of an old bowling alley in industrial northern Brooklyn sits an expansive translucent greenhouse. Inside, a bounty of produce thrives under the supervision of a computer-controlled network of sensors, motors and plumbing.

01 November 2011

Milwaukee greenhouse project approved

A third facility that would grow fish and vegetables in Milwaukee received approval Tuesday morning from a city committee.

04 October 2011

Bright Farms, Bright Future?

What’s growing on your roof? If you answered, “Nothing,” that could change, because the New York based firm Bright Farms has a plan that will turn the rooftops of supermarkets green with rooftop based greenhouses.

03 October 2011

Rooftop greenhouse idea taking root

MONTREAL – Six months after opening the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse, atop an industrial building in Ahuntsic, Lufa Farms has struck a deal to include their greenhouses on newly constructed industrial buildings.

12 September 2011

Hyper Local Produce: This Manhattan Company Wants Supermarkets to Raise on the Roof

A Manhattan firm that specializes in hydroponic greenhouses, the company is suggesting that in the not-so-distant future your kale could come from as close as the greenhouse on top of your local supermarket.

24 August 2011

Rooftop local produce, coming soon to a supermarket near you

Thanks to rising fuel costs and the revival of demand for locally grown foods, rooftop greenhouses may soon be cropping up at your supermarket.

22 August 2011

What's more eco-friendly than solar panel roofs? The new rooftop farms going up in Queens

BrightFarms, a Manhattan-based firm that designs, builds and operates high-tech farms, is gearing up to move its headquarters to Long Island City, company officials said Monday.

10 August 2011

Localize It: Podponics Grows High-Tech Organic Produce In Shipping Containers

Founded by a former software engineer, the company—which just received almost $1 million in funding—is working on ways to provide local food to cities. And by local, they mean truly local. Their special “growing pods” can produce food anywhere.

08 August 2011

Grow Local and Eat Local, City Council Says

In an effort to ramp up support for the consumption and production of local food, the City Council passed a package of bills on Thursday to facilitate the building of rooftop greenhouses and free up land for urban gardens.

02 August 2011

Tour The Hi-Tech Farm That's Growing 100 Tons Of Greens On The Roof Of A Brooklyn Warehouse

Gotham Greens harvested the first of its veggies in May and they’re already selling out at upscale Manhattan grocers like Whole Foods and Mario Batali’s Eataly, co-founder Viraj Puri told us. And the company will soon start selling directly to chefs at local restaurants.

27 July 2011

Out of the shadows

Once part of illicit niche markets, hydroponics is finding new footing in the mainstream, fueled by a farm-to-table frenzy and fears of food-borne illnesses

22 July 2011

From Roof to Store Shelf: Supermarkets Explore Rooftop Food Sourcing

Bright Farms builds and operates the hydroponic greenhouses in exchange for a five to 10-year guaranteed purchase agreement with the supermarkets. “They give us the roof. We do everything else,” said Linsley.

From NY Bounty

19 July 2011

Gotham Greens putting roots on the roof to better serve restaurants and retailers

“It’s a rooftop greenhouse that we built on top of an existing 15,000-square-foot building,” Mr. Puri, chief executive officer of Gotham Greens, told The Produce News. “We are producing primarily salad greens and herbs currently: baby Butterhead lettuce, basil, Red Sails red leaf lettuce, Tropicana green leaf lettuce and culinary herbs. We plan to add cilantro next.”

15 July 2011

Home Town Organic Farm Goes Vertical in the City

To grow the vertical urban farming industry, Home Town Farms plans to build one-half to three-acre greenhouses on the rooftops, abandoned lots, and corners of urban areas in densely populated U.S. cities.

13 July 2011

Rooftop Farm Aims to Make Greens Greener

The Irish Times writes up BrightFarms

13 July 2011

Home Town Farms Creating Hydro-Organic Greenhouse for Encinitas School District

San Diego-based vertical organic farming startup Home Town Farms is building urban hydro-organic farms, starting with a plan to erect a Home Town Farms systems on 5 acres of school property that will supply low cost organic produce for the school district’s food service program.

07 July 2011

BrightFarms aims to install greenhouses on the rooftops of supermarkets

In an effort to reduce time, distance and cost in the produce supply chain, a New York firm is proposing to finance, build and operate greenhouses on the rooftops of supermarkets. Participating supermarkets will have no upfront costs, but they do need to agree to buy the fresh produce grown on their property.

07 July 2011

12 Acres of New Glass… and Now Looking for More Land

A family run business that specialises in growing the finest tomatoes for the most discerning of customers, including such blue-chip organisations as Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and the Co-operative Society, R & L Holt first opened its doors for business back in 1979, and today has grown into one of the most sought after and respected companies in the industry.

06 July 2011

Mastronardi Wins Awards for Tomatoes, Food Quality

Mastronardi Produce’s Sunset Seriously Sweet tomatoes have won the International Taste & Quality Institute’s (ITQI) Superior Taste Award for its Kumato and Zima varieties — the first time a fresh produce items have been granted this prestigious award.

03 July 2011

Gotham Greens: Brooklyn's New High-Tech Rooftop Farm

Using hydroponics and climate control technology, the farm is serving up hundreds of pounds of super local lettuce to the city’s markets on the same day it’s harvested.

30 June 2011

Growing a Million Heads of Lettuce on a Pin

Vancouver-based Valcent Products Inc. (OTCBB: VCTZF) claims that it can beat those numbers handily and produce the same amount of lettuce sustainably on just .16 acres with its patented hydroponic vertical growing system, VertiCrop™.

30 June 2011

Greenhouse Growing

Greenhouse crop products are produced in some of the world’s most technologically advanced agricultural environments.

27 June 2011