Locally grown produce is looking up for retailers

Consumers increasingly want locally grown produce; but, the fact is, the average fruit and vegetable travels more than 1,000 miles before it reaches a grocery store. But what if you could have access to locally grown produce year round and cut the cost of shipping these products to zero?

03 January 2012

BrightFarms: Food Sense

We talked to Benjamin Linsley, VP of Business Development and Public Affairs for BrightFarms, about the benefits of changing the produce supply chain in a way that improves the planet and a retailer’s bottom line.

23 November 2011

Bright Farms, Bright Future?

What’s growing on your roof? If you answered, “Nothing,” that could change, because the New York based firm Bright Farms has a plan that will turn the rooftops of supermarkets green with rooftop based greenhouses.

03 October 2011

New Company Brings Produce From the Roof to the Supermarket Aisle

New York-based BrightFarms, which builds rooftop greenhouses, hopes to turn a profit while cutting shoppers’ “food miles” down to zero by growing vegetables where people buy them: the supermarket.

05 September 2011

Rooftop farms sprouting in Brooklyn

Atop an industrial building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the crew at Gotham Greens can harvest the equivalent of six acres of salad greens and herbs without getting their hands dirty.

31 August 2011

Hyper Local Produce: This Manhattan Company Wants Supermarkets to Raise on the Roof

A Manhattan firm that specializes in hydroponic greenhouses, the company is suggesting that in the not-so-distant future your kale could come from as close as the greenhouse on top of your local supermarket.

24 August 2011

Rooftop local produce, coming soon to a supermarket near you

Thanks to rising fuel costs and the revival of demand for locally grown foods, rooftop greenhouses may soon be cropping up at your supermarket.

22 August 2011

Queens To Be Home to Nation's Largest Rooftop Greenhouse Farm

BrightFarms, a company know for building and operating high-tech farms, is preparing to acquire a 32,000-sq-ft rooftop space on top of a building near LaGuardia College in Long Island City to plant one of its greenhouse farms and establish its new headquarters.

18 August 2011

Urban Food Production » BrightFarms to Have New Rooftop Headquarters and Greenhouse

More news from the rooftop hydroponic food business. It will be interesting to see how many companies join in and how many rooftop food production units there will be in the next couple of years. Let the games begin!

17 August 2011

What's more eco-friendly than solar panel roofs? The new rooftop farms going up in Queens

BrightFarms, a Manhattan-based firm that designs, builds and operates high-tech farms, is gearing up to move its headquarters to Long Island City, company officials said Monday.

10 August 2011

Wal-Mart Banking On Sustainability Of Local Food

For a variety of reasons that basically come down to scale and climate, lettuce sold in a Walmart in eastern Connecticut has traditionally traveled from somewhere sunnier. That’s changing. And, perverse as it may seem, high energy prices are helping.

03 August 2011

Can The Local Food Movement Scale Up?

The local food movement in America is gaining steam. The question is whether can it attract sufficient capital from the private sector to build large, profitable businesses.

21 July 2011

From Roof to Store Shelf: Supermarkets Explore Rooftop Food Sourcing

Bright Farms builds and operates the hydroponic greenhouses in exchange for a five to 10-year guaranteed purchase agreement with the supermarkets. “They give us the roof. We do everything else,” said Linsley.

From NY Bounty

19 July 2011

Gotham Greens putting roots on the roof to better serve restaurants and retailers

“It’s a rooftop greenhouse that we built on top of an existing 15,000-square-foot building,” Mr. Puri, chief executive officer of Gotham Greens, told The Produce News. “We are producing primarily salad greens and herbs currently: baby Butterhead lettuce, basil, Red Sails red leaf lettuce, Tropicana green leaf lettuce and culinary herbs. We plan to add cilantro next.”

15 July 2011

WSJ - Can Urban Farming Make It Big In The City

Entrepreneurs are looking to urban farms and rooftop gardens as an alternative to traditional farms. While start-up costs are higher, these efforts could pay off with long-term environmental benefits and better tasting veggies. WSJ’s Monika Vosough reports.

14 July 2011

Rooftop Farm Aims to Make Greens Greener

The Irish Times writes up BrightFarms

13 July 2011

BrightFarms to grow greenhouse vegetables on retail roofs

Some produce marketers apply the term “local” to product grown more than one hundred miles away, possibly in another state, from the stores where it’s being sold. BrightFarms LLC, New York, has a different idea.

“We call this ultra-local,” chief executive officer Paul Lightfoot said.

07 July 2011

BrightFarms aims to install greenhouses on the rooftops of supermarkets

In an effort to reduce time, distance and cost in the produce supply chain, a New York firm is proposing to finance, build and operate greenhouses on the rooftops of supermarkets. Participating supermarkets will have no upfront costs, but they do need to agree to buy the fresh produce grown on their property.

07 July 2011

The Future of Food

Limited land, water scarcity and an increasing number of mouths to feed. How some forward thinking entrepreneurs have taken traditional methods of food production and consumption and turned them upside down, while still making a profit

30 June 2011

Gotham Greens: Brooklyn's New High-Tech Rooftop Farm

Using hydroponics and climate control technology, the farm is serving up hundreds of pounds of super local lettuce to the city’s markets on the same day it’s harvested.

30 June 2011

Christian Haub Joins BrightFarms

The former Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, owner of supermarket brands such as A&P, Food Emporium and Pathmark, has joined BrightFarms LLC as a Senior Advisor.

13 June 2011