New York City, 20 November 2012

BrightFarms’ Briefing on Capitol Hill

by Anna-Sophia Haub

This October, I was fortunate enough to take time from my busy college schedule to go to a briefing at the Canon Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. However, this was no ordinary briefing; it was one for BrightFarms! When I received an invitation to this wonderful opportunity, I was more than excited because it is not everyday that I, a college student, am able to experience a meeting on Capitol Hill.

Once at the briefing, I was fascinated to hear CEO Paul Lightfoot speak about the potential partnerships between BrightFarms and local governments. I am currently taking an Environmental Politics course where we discuss different ways in which local and state governments are beginning to support environmentally sustainable businesses and smaller agencies in order to improve the local communities. It was intriguing to see the diverse group people at the briefing, especially the state representatives committed to expanding sustainable environmental practices in their communities.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at the briefing. In part, because it was the first one I had ever been too, but also because I was able to apply my Georgetown coursework to a “real life” experience and see some of the BrightFarms team again!